Most homeowners know that water damage in Newport Beach or flood damage in Costa Mesa can have disastrous results. Repairing water damage either inside or outside of your home can be incredibly expensive, especially in cases where damage has been ignored or missed by the homeowner. To prevent extensive structural damage and the costly repairs that go along with them, it pays to inspect your home yourself for the leaks that you can see, and pay a professional water damage expert to inspect your home for the ones that you can’t see, as these types of leaks often cause the most damage.

One easy way for homeowners to see if they have a leak somewhere in their home is to look at their water meter, which is usually located either on the side or in the front of the home. Look at the meter and note where the meter is and wait for 30 minutes to go by without using any water. Check the meter again after 30 minutes and if those numbers have changed, then you most likely have a leak somewhere in the home.

Another easy way for homeowners to check for leaks is to look around window frames and doors where the ceiling meets up with an outdoor wall. Signs of water damage in these areas include areas of discoloration in the walls and floors. It’s also a good idea to check the basement for water that may be flowing in through the cracks in the foundation, as this could indicate that water is coming in from the outside. Even the smallest areas of discoloration can be hiding a great deal of damage within the walls, so be sure to check all areas carefully.

If you find any areas where water damage has occurred, or if you have recently experienced a flood, fire or other disaster, then it’s important to contact a water removal specialist right away who repair any leaks, completely remove all traces of moisture and repair any damaged areas.