If you have experienced a flood in your home or are dealing with the aftermath of a fire, you need to have your home inspected for water damage in order to get a full assessment of how much of your property and possessions have been damaged. Most homeowner’s insurance policies include coverage for water damage. State Farm water damage specialists, or those who represent other insurance companies, are just one type of insurance professionals who can perform these types of inspections.

When performing an inspection of water damage in Glendale or the surrounding communities, the insurance inspector will typically start on the outside of your home and work their way inside. If the house or the flood affected the roof of your home, or if there is obvious damage to your chimney or gutters, the inspector can make note of this in their report, noting the extent of the damage. You may not think to inspect exterior walls for damage, but an experienced inspector knows to look for broken windows, signs of water coming in or out of the foundation and other signs of exterior water damage. The real pros also know to inspect your lawn as well, as it can definitely sustain damage to your lawn if it’s been exposed to flooding.

Once they have moved to the inside of the home, water damage inspectors will typically work from the top down, checking your attic for a wet ceiling, cracked floor joists and insulation that feels damp. In the rest of the rooms, the inspector will look for signs of water damage in cracked windows, doors that don’t close the right way and areas where water has pooled or stained the carpet or drywall.

Most insurance companies will want to inspect serious areas of damage to get an initial estimate of how much it will cost to complete the repairs. It’s best to always contact your insurance company before having any work done, as you want to make sure that the services are covered before having anything done.