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As a result of listening to our customers’ concerns about implementing more sustainable methods, we continually search for solutions that are environmentally friendly. From the moment we listen to your phone call to the final restoration step, we consider your specific needs and the needs of our planet. Our company not only handles water damage repair and restoration, but we may also provide ideas about how to preserve and protect your property. Feel and breathe the air purifying difference. We’re Available 24 hours a day. 888-207-5570


The Faster It’s Handled, The Better The Results.

We arrive any time of day or night, any day of the year, 7 days a week, including holidays. We’re one of the fastest to arrive because we have technicians close to you. Throughout the metro areas of Southern Los Angeles County, Orange County and Riverside County, our crews are on alert, to handle water damage repair emergencies in your neighborhood.

Call us and explain your water extraction needs, our crew comes over quickly to your rescue, ready and equipped. It’s critical to begin immediately.

The Faster It’s Handled, The Better The Results.

Sustainable Structural Drying

In order to effectively expedite the natural reaction of expansion and shrinkage within floors and walls, we match the atmosphere its accustomed to being in. Our eco-friendly high powered air flow process not only brings the levels back to a dry state, it also purifies the air quality.

With advanced drying procedures between our High Powered Turbo Blowers and Motion Detection Technology Monitoring, your place returns back to life, in its natural flow of formation.

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Air Purification

As a result of our clean, fast drying methods, it minimizes severe destruction of materials, as well as, reduces mold producing bacteria. If soaked areas are not treated fast enough, lingering mildew odors may resurface. Because of that reason, we may apply non-toxic mildewcide solutions to areas that may become problematic. We use long lasting commercial professional equipment that decontaminates, sanitizes and purifies your place.

Air Purification
Continual Sustainable Efforts

Continual Sustainable Efforts

As a Southern California family owned business, we constantly commit to being sustainable and Earth friendly. We implement strict safety standards among every technician. Each specialist continues to maintain multiple levels of environmentally safe knowledge base awareness. Not only to protect you, but also our future. We are a constantly growing family-owned business with a serious interest in preserving our environment. We use similar reaction methods that occur naturally, but at a higher power level rate. Air, Water, Heat, and Earth are all elements we monitor and use in our water damage repair procedures because these elements are effected together during a flood emergency,

Water Damage Certifications

  • Air Care Quality
  • Covid Safety Protocols
  • Debris Removal Safety
  • Eco-Friendly Awareness
  • EPA Approved
  • Hazard Control 
  • IICRC Certified
  • Lead Free Safety

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Avoid Hidden Hazards

Because our techs are certified in multiple levels of sustainable environmentally friendly safe solutions, please allow our technicians to handle potentially dangerous conditions. Chemical reactions occur as soon as water begins to penetrate anything in its path, above or below the flood level. From biohazard materials, electrical connections, debris or things unseen on the surface, our team knows how to handle it safely.

Since 2006, our experience has acquired specific education involving the science behind water damage. From structural dangers, electrical or toxic levels, we are continually inspecting for safety hazards.

Demolition and Debris Removal

In the event that furnishings or other objects are drenched, their weight may magnify with gallons of water soaking it in seconds. Please allow our crew to remove them for you. If the damage is significantly massive, we will safely pack in and pack out to a secure storage location. Once any major remodeling is complete we return your items back. Our pack out services also uses as much recyclable materials as possible. We also offer debris removal and demolition services to prepare the area with a major home improvement renovation.

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