Have you recently experienced water damage to your home and belongings due to a flood or fire? If you’ve got homeowners insurance, then you will probably be filing a claim for the damage and likely have some questions about how the process works. The truth is, it’s important that you file Allstate insurance water damage claims promptly and correctly if you are dealing with water damage. This will make it easier to get your claim processed so that you can get paid and get on with your life.

The most important thing to remember when filing a claim is to make sure you have all of your policy information handy in order to make the process easier on yourself. Before disaster hits, make sure that do an inventory of your home that includes photos, video and a written list of your goods. Keep this list, along with your policy information in a waterproof, fire safe container or a security safe to protect it from damage in the home. It can also be incredibly helpful to keep this information in a safe deposit box at a bank, as this will guarantee that the items will stay safe in the event that your home is completely destroyed.

When speaking with your insurance company about your claim, be careful with your wording. Many experts recommend being careful when discussing the damage in your home, as sometimes saying the word “flood” can cause your claim to be denied. Some homeowner’s insurance policies will cover water damage that is caused by a storm, but not necessarily from a flood. It’s best to leave the diagnosis of the damage to the insurance company and instead just cooperate with the investigation to the best of your ability.

Finally, file timely claim reports if you want to ensure the most prompt processing possible. Taking too much time can create problems when it comes to having the damage investigated and appraised. By following your insurance company’s rules about filing a claim and handling it the right way, you can try to reduce the headaches and get your claim processed so that you can get your home back in order.