Unless you’ve had to deal with a flood or water damage in your home or place of business, then you probably don’t really know what water damage restoration in Los Angeles really means. Cleaning up water damage is no easy task – you have to get rid of all traces of moisture and clean up any areas where mold and mildew has started to develop in order to prevent big problems in the future. Think you can handle all of the hard work yourself? Think again!

Professional water damage restoration experts have all the gear, expertise and professional experience needed to get even the most water damaged homes back to better than new. The first step in any water restoration is to perform a complete assessment of the damage in order to evaluate how bad it is. The pros are trained to look for specific types of water damage and can identify areas of the property that are especially prone to damage. By using specialized water sensing tools and special infrared tools, water restoration experts can quickly locate areas of water damage so that they can be promptly dealt with.

Once the inspection has been completed and all of the damage has been assessed, then it’s time to begin the cleanup and repairs process. Water restoration services include drying the area to remove any excess water, sanitizing it to remove any contamination from germs and mold, and deodorizing to get rid of those pesky smells that flooding often leaves behind. This process can take anywhere from 1-3 days depending on how extensive the damage is. By using special air movers, dehumidifiers and equipment that is specially designed to clean wooden floors and other surfaces, water damage restoration experts will get all of the water out and make your home feel like new again.