When customers contact us to get help for their water damage emergency, we understand that they are in a very vulnerable position. Quite often, they don’t get the opportunity to thoroughly research the company who will be coming into their home to clean up water that is ruining their personal possessions. As we get to know our customers, we understand that restoration management is the key to gaining their confidence.

There are key aspects of restoration management, and specifically for water damage restoration companies the importance is high.

  • Water Damage Restoration Contractor References – Just the other day, a customer called us at 2:30am with news that her toilet had overflowed and was running for about 2 hours. Water was everywhere and she could not reach her insurance company. This particular customer found our reviews on Yelp and she was able to easily ascertain through our multiple reviews that we are reliable, conscientious, concerned and professional. These traits are the hallmark of all of our Yelp reviews and we are proud of them. As a licensed contractor, we are obligated to uphold the integrity of our company or our license could be jeopardized. Not to mention, our method of working, simply put, is “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done To You”.
  • Communication is Key – We’ve got years of experience handling water damage clean up jobs. It’s our job and we do it every day. But it’s likely that our customers have never experienced a flood in their home. When we walk into a customer’s home, we know that their single largest asset has been damaged by water and, if not dried out fast and efficiently, dangerous mold could cause devastating sickness. We want our customers to be educated and informed as to what we are doing and why. We encourage open communication with our technicians, as well as the water mitigation insurance adjuster, so progress can be made to get the property back into shape quickly. It behooves us to have great communication with our customers.
  • Direct Insurance Billing – No one likes to be gouged in pricing and we have found that our customers respect us more if we continue our transparent communication by keeping our prices affordable. Even if the insurance company is paying for the water damage in their property, our customers want to know that they have chosen a company with high integrity and not just someone trying to make money on their water damage loss. We have always offered pricing based on the industry standard pricing tool known as Xactimate. Xactimate offers a line by line itemization of what the insurance company is being charged for and at what prices.
  • The Fine Details – When all is said and done, we have found that our customers appreciate knowing the fine details concerning their property restoration. How long will it take to get my property back into shape? What will the insurance company pay? Will I have to pay out of pocket for any repairs? How do I pay my insurance deductible? Does the insurance company send me the check or will they pay the restoration company directly? The last thing we want to do is to make our customers feel uncomfortable. Whether it involves the clean up and repair of their property, or the final payment as we pack up our equipment, there are questions that need to be answered without hesitation.

Restoration management is a job not everyone is cut out for. It takes great communication skills, understanding customers and the ability to keep things running smoothly. In the end, we just want the opportunity to do a good job and know that we have helped our customers. Like the lady calling us at 2:30 am, you really have to know who you’re inviting into your home in the wee hours. Luckily, she called a company who cares and who knew what to do.