Water damage in Los Angeles should be a serious concern for every homeowner. There are many ways that water can get into your house, and in many cases, it can be tough to spot the damage before it turns into an expensive and annoying problem.

One of the first noticeable characteristics of an issue with water in your home is small leak in a pipe or even the tiniest drips of a faucet. You may already be cleaning up these telltale problems without even realizing it. When the problem starts to really develop, you’ll start to notice water stains on areas of your ceiling or floorboards that are beginning to weaken and rot out. Once water issues really get going in your home, they can quickly lead to big problems with mold and rotting.

Become your own inspector by taking a look at each room in your home. In the kitchen and bathrooms where leaks most often occur, look for things like water spots in the cabinets, stains on the ceilings and black dots, which indicates mold growth. It’s also a good idea to check around all of your appliances for signs of moistures and water stains.

Check the rest of your house carefully, keeping in mind that basement areas and your attic and roof also need to be carefully monitored for water damage. If you live in an area where cold weather is the norm, look for signs of cracked pipes and tears in the hoses, as these can cause big problems with leaking and water pressure issues. These types of problems must be addressed right away, as they are indicative of an impending problem that could potentially be much more expensive to clean up!

To avoid a full on flood in your basement and in the other areas of your home, take your inspections seriously and call the experts for a professional inspection at least once a year. This is the absolute best way to avoid water damage in your home and can save you thousands of dollars in repairs in year.