Sewage cleanup in Orange County is no laughing matter. If you’ve experienced sewage flooding into your home or your place of business, then you know just how messy and potentially dangerous a sewage backup in your home can be. Sewage isn’t just smelly and gross, it’s also incredibly dangerous, as it’s filled with bacteria and fungal matter that can cause illness. When you clean up sewage properly, it’s possible to get your home or office back to a healthy, safe place to be.

When sewage backs up in your home, it can lead to numerous medical problems, including hepatitis, kidney and liver damage, and even asthma and allergies. As the water and matter flows into and around your home, it leaves behind incredibly dangerous organisms that have to be cleaned up the right way. Professionals that work with water restoration and sewage cleanup deal with these issues on a regular basis. They know that coming into contact with sewage either by handling it directly or by inhaling it when they are around it can be incredibly dangerous, which is why water restoration companies like to act fast when there has been a sewage problem. By getting on top of the clean up process fast, the pros can get your home back to a safe and comfortable state as quickly as possible.

In many cases, taking some simple precautions can prevent sewage backups. First, never put items like grease down your garbage disposal or drain and avoid flushing bulky paper products down your toilet. Second, avoid planting big plants or trees too close to your plumbing lines, or the roots could start to develop around your pipes and cause problems. Finally, consider installing a backwater prevention valve. This handy little device lets sewage flow out of your plumbing line, while keeping it from flowing back in. Taking these easy step can help prevent big sewage problems in the future.