Just when you think things are going well ~ the remodel you’ve been doing on your home is complete and you finally have a chance to take the day off to enjoy some time with your family. As you walk inside your home after a long day outside, your mind can’t understand what the “squish” is under your feet. Your stomach falls as you realize your newly remodeled home has been hit with a flood! You rush to the bathroom only to realize that the water is coming from a broken pipe under your beautiful new bathroom sink. It’s been running all afternoon and your house is flooded.

Once the shock is over, it’s time to determine what to do. First things first, if possible, turn off the water to eliminate further flooding. Next, call a licensed and certified water damage restoration company such as Best Quality Restoration. Companies such as ours that are licensed by the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) must abide by strict rules and regulations meant to protect the consumer. Being in business and doing a good job is easy for us. We’re proud to offer peace of mind to our customers and we’re happy to make the road to recovery fast and easy for them.

Once we’re called to the flooded residence, we begin the restoration process that’s ideal for the situation at hand. Each job we go to is different and each requires its own restoration process. The broken pipe water damage job required water extraction, anti-bacterial sanitizing, blowers and dehumidifiers. It’s o.k. now, the house is clean and dry, the customer is happy and he had peace of mind throughout the process by using a licensed contractor.