No matter how big or how small the mess is, no one wants to come home to find soaking wet carpets and damaged furniture due to a flood, water main break or a natural disaster that has affected their home. Unfortunately, water damage in Costa Mesa can result in permanent damage that you’ll never be able to restore. By following a few easy pointers, however, you may be able to save your carpets and prevent costly repairs and replacement down the road.

The first step in any water emergency is to shut off the water. If you don’t know where the water shut-off valve is located in your home, make sure you find out before disaster hits. The last thing you want to do is waste time letting your home flood because you couldn’t shut the water off, so make this a priority item on your home to-do list.

Once you’ve stopped water from getting in, keep everyone in the home out of the area. You really don’t want people moving over the area when it’s wet, or it could end up grinding in dirt and debris into the fibers and damage the latex layers that keep it all together. That’s an expensive mistake that many homeowners make, so be sure to close off any areas of your home that have wet carpet right away, and take out any furniture that you can. At a minimum, it may work to put the furniture on risers that are up and away from the water, but this may not work if you are dealing with higher water.

Once you’ve got the water off and the area “sealed” off from prying family members, contact the pros so that the real cleanup can begin! Water repair specialists have the equipment to completely dry the area and repair any damaged areas. When you take the right action as soon as you notice a problem with water getting in, you’ve got a better chance at saving your home from extensive damage, so don’t hesitate to make that call when you need help saving your carpets.