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When you suffer flood damage, we’re open 24 hours a day for your water damage restoration Irvine needs. The majority of the year our weather is enjoyably pleasant with sunny skies, but occasionally disastrous flooding conditions can strike inside or out, anytime. Temperatures can drop, clouds turn gray, water levels rise from inches to feet in seconds. Inside our homes, a multitude of causes could send gallons of water gushing through enclosed spaces. The aftermath of the damage leaves you with soaked unsanitary dangerous conditions. Our certified water damage restoration Irvine team plans ahead for these types of emergencies. Call Today! We’re Available Now! Open. 24 hours! 888-207-5570

Water Damage Restoration Irvine CA

Our Business Offers Refreshing Benefits:

  • Allergen Reduction
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Air Purifying
  • Cold Water Extraction
  • Debris Removal
  • Decontaminating
  • Dehumidifying
  • Demolition
  • Eco Friendly Non-Toxic
  • Free Consultation
  • Infrared Digital Detection
  • Insurance Direct Billing
  • Mold Minimizing
  • Sanitizing
  • Water Extraction
  • Odor Removal
  • Pack Out
  • Sewage Removal
  • Turbo Blowers
Exceptional Customer Service

Water Damage Restoration Irvine

We’re ready from the moment you call, to spring into action to restore your private suburban home or professional building. If you experience flash flooding rainfalls or faulty pipes bursting, our team is ready to arrive in 30 minutes.

As soon as we arrive, we’re equipped to perform cold water extraction to address the immediate damage. Then we dehumidify, use turbo blower to dry, and also apply antimicrobial eco-friendly mildewcide. If additional services are needed, such as pack out, debris removal and demolition, we will do those too.

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Affordable And Reasonable

There is no upfront cost to you because we submit details to your Insurance agent directly. Local agents are familiar with our services, and we have a general understanding about certain polices. Our mission is to provide reasonable honest estimates that benefits you the best. Our staff will also provide suggestions or options to find affordable solutions.

  • Direct Insurance Billing
  • Free Consultation
  • No up front costs
  • Xactimate Software
  • Fair Market Value
  • Over A Dozen Insurance Companies Approved
  • Documenting
  • Photographs
  • Inspections
  • Prevention and Preservation

Future Forward Consideration

Our business relationships make life-long referrals and return business. Because your home or building is an investment, we may also point out preventative maintenance tips to save you possible expenses in the future.

Each technician is knowledgable about how various elements react in natural sciences. Air, Heat, Earth, and Water in equal balanced quantities work together well, but when one overpowers the other, great damage occurs. We inspect areas for potential dangers, including bacterial growing environments. If we detect areas that appear to have mold, we treat it with antimicrobial agents. Any area that is treated with mildewcide should be routinely monitored and cleaned to minimize growth.

Water Damage Restoration San Clemente

Experienced Irvine Water Damage Restoration Technicians

For your safety, please allow us to handle this dangerous job for you. If you are able to safely, during a sink or pipe burst or an appliance overflow, please shut off water sources, and if needed, the main water valve.

Our company requires continuing education courses through IICRC, EPA, State of CA, and more. These are extensive training efforts held at the highest safety standards to protect you and the environment.

We’re Open Now For Your Irvine Water Damage Restoration Services

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Water Damage Hazards

  • Allergens
  • Bacteria Growth
  • Broken Structures
  • Ceiling Destruction
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Chipped Tile
  • Drywall Dust
  • Electric Shock
  • Fine Fiberglass Insulation
  • Heavy Soiled Objects
  • Immune Weakening
  • Roof Leaks
  • Sewage Sludge
  • Sharp Broken Debris
  • Slab Leaks
  • Toxic Biohazards
  • Tripping Hazards
  • Weighted Furnishings
  • Weak Foundations
Step By Step

Thorough Inspections

From our nearly 20 years of experience, water damage restoration Irvine CA staff prides themselves on thorough detailed inspections. Not only do we examine the damaged area, we take into consideration on how it spreads. Small seemingly minor signs can lead to drastic expenses over time, even to your health. Materials exposed to water directly or in the air will show signs of weaknesses.

  • Buckled Tile
  • Calcium, Lime, Rust
  • Ceiling Stains
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Loose Baseboards
  • Strong Odor
  • Mold Signs
  • Pipe Sealing Leaks
  • Uneven Surfaces
  • Water Spots 
  • Warped Wood
  • Window or Door Gaps

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