Chino Hills : Is your Home Covered For Water Damage?

Water damage, from flooding, burst pipes, leaky appliances, etc. is a common reason Chino homeowners make claims on their home insurance. These watery issues can occur completely at random, but the damage they leave behind can be substantial. Water damage can warp your wood floors, soak and ruin your carpets, walls, ceilings and furnishings, and even cause mold germination.

Chino homeowners should realize that most home insurance policies cover water damage. This is great news, because the aftermath of a flood can be devastating and quite costly. Though many insurance policies cover water damage, some flood or water control businesses might not work with insurance companies. Some of these companies require payment from the homeowner directly. At Best Quality Restoration, however, we’re here for our clients, and we work with most insurance companies to take the burden off of you. So if you are looking for a water damage restoration company that work with most insurance companies, look no further than Best Quality Restoration.

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